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Our Story

Allison is Founder, Operator, and Investor. She started Trail Run Capital after working at some of the fastest growing startups of the past 10 years and realizing her true passion is helping Founders at the earliest stages.


Previously, Allison was co-founder & COO at Fast and Head of Product Operations for the Money Team at Uber. She started at Uber in 2014 and served in a range of Product, Ops, Strategy, and Leadership roles at the company, helping it scale from 2k to 26,000+ employees. Prior to Uber, Allison was a strategy consultant at PwC.

Allison grew up in Columbus, Ohio, helping out at her dad's small restaurant, where she learned first hand what it means to work hard. She started investing in the stock market in 2012 and is a self-taught public equity investor. Through early stage investing, Allison is able to combine her love of investing with her passion for coaching and mentoring young startups.

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