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Financial Tech Platform Esusu Launches Rent Relief Fund for Marginalized Communities

July 10, 2020

"Founders of financial tech platform Esusu, Samir Goel and Abbey Wemimo, are looking to offer support to those communities in need."


Esusu Appoints Albert Owusu-Asare As Chief Technology Officer to Lead Global IT Solutions and Product Innovation

January 13, 2020


Company capitalizing on unused parking spots lands in San Diego

January 2, 2020

"The reason we started it was because we felt the pain of trying to find parking as students," said Jonathon Barkl, Co-founder and CEO of AirGarage."


Making Online Pet Food More Pup- And Planet-Friendly With Crickets

December 2, 2019

Russell said Chippin is creating products that “pet parents who want all-natural options can feel comfortable choosing for their dogs.”


This Startup Wants to Be the Beyond Meat of Pet Food

June 11, 2019

Canine test subjects happily wolfed down Chippin's cricket protein-based snacks. Now the business needs to win over their owners.


Want To Try Out Different Jobs Before You Commit? The Startup That Lets You Job Hop

May 15, 2019

So many people are unhappy with their jobs, yet making a mid-career switch isn't easy. 


This Rotational Savings App Lets You Pool Funds with Trusted Friends and Family

April 24, 2019

“We’re not only helping people manage their cash flow and avoid predatory lenders, but now we’re also helping them improve their credit scores,” explained Abbey.


Mercury opens bank for startups with funding from Andreessen Horowitz

April 17, 2019

Mercury’s aim is to help tech companies scale successfully by providing a practical financial stack for funded and bootstrapped companies, real-time insight into company finances, and tools to maximize operational efficiency.


AirGarage: Affordable on-campus parking

March 18, 2019

“We’re helping students find affordable parking, and we are equally excited to help churches, hillels, hotels and small businesses boost their funding,” Border said. “It’s definitely a win-win for both sides.”

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