What is your customer's painful problem?


Trail Run Capital is a generalist firm, with a focus on Fintech, Enterprise SaaS, Marketplaces, and diverse founders.

These are some characteristics we look for:

  • Founders: Self-motivated, curious builders who care deeply about solving Big Problems & are able to think "outside the box."

  • Product: Whether a prototype or a fully launched product, we're excited about companies with increasing user growth, velocity, and user engagement.

  • Market: Trail Run Capital cares more about the number of people experiencing the painful problem and the team's execution ability than the existing market size. Great companies will expand markets over time.


The simplest parking management and enforcement solution

Improve your credit score by paying your rent

High protein, sustainable, and planet friendly dog snacks

Helping people build careers they love by allowing them to try new and different jobs first-hand

Banking built for startups

Borrow for school. Pay nothing until you're employed.

- Jonathon Barkl, AirGarage Co-founder & CEO 
“Allison is a rockstar operator and has given us invaluable advice on growing and scaling AirGarage.”  

A mobile payments network, changing the way we pay and engage with our local economy

Qwick is an on-demand staffing as a service platform that connects service industry

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