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Trail Run Capital - About
A small, personal angel investment fund, Trail Run Capital invests in the next great generation of global entrepreneurs - helping them dream big and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Meet The Founder

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Allison Barr Allen

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Allison is a people-first investor. As a member of your team, she sees herself as an:

  • Executive Coach - Due to her appreciation for a growth mindset and mental & physical well-being

  • Strategic Advisor - Based on her operating experience at all stages of company development

  • Proud Hypewoman - Because of her belief that encouraging people & cheering them on is one of the most powerful things we can do  

  • Connector - With a broad network globally & within SF, Allison has co-invested with Founders Fund, Index Ventures, Softbank, Kleiner Perkins, A16Z, Operator Collective, and more