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With roots as Founders, Operators, and Investors, we guide you on the trail from seed to scale.

Trail Run Capital - About
Trail Run Capital is a pre-seed and seed stage VC firm investing in Fintech, Enterprise SaaS / AI, and Vertical SaaS companies in the US.

We love being first-check investors & are hands on to help generational founders build generational companies.

Meet The Founder

allison.barr-uber-0 (1).jpg

Allison Barr Allen

Allison is a Founder, Operator, and Investor, with operating experience at 0-to-1 startups, high-growth scale-ups, and public companies. Her angel investments have a track record of attracting follow-on investment from top-tier funds (i.e. a16z, Coatue, Softbank, Bessemer, Craft, Founders Fund).

Allison assists Founders with ideation, market positioning, operations, fundraising strategy, and has a robust investor network across the Bay Area and beyond. 

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