We unlock opportunities.

Founders from today’s high-growth companies are spinning out to start the high-growth companies of the future.

While working in complex and competitive environments, operators from companies such as Uber, Palantir, Ramp & more master the art of operational excellence. They feel the pull of product-market fit. They build powerful alumni ecosystems & talent networks to catapult them into the next phase.

We believe that partnering with top operators as they leave to pave their own way is the opportunity of our decade.

Angel investments
Raised from top-tier funds
Amount of capital raised by Uber alumni
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Allison Allen hiking in the mountains
Portrait of Allison Allen

Meet the founder

Allison is a founder, operator, and investor. Her angel investments have a track record of attracting follow-on investment from top-tier funds (i.e. a16z, Founders Fund, Sequoia Capital, Index Ventures).

At Uber, Allison managed driver payments in 70+ countries and led the launch of its instant payment product to $1.3B in volume in the first year. At Fast, she built a team and company from the ground up.

Elevation (ft)

In 2017, Allison hiked the John Muir Trail (211 miles with 47,000 feet of elevation change) in just 11 days. Trail Run Capital optimizes for founders with long-term endurance and a high pain tolerance .

Allison learned about ‘hardcore work’ from her dad, who owned a small restaurant in Ohio and ran the Boston Marathon 40 years in a row. She is a graduate of Northwestern University and started her career at PwC.


We have assembled a team of Operating Advisors who have decades of experience at hyper-growth companies.

Troy Stevenson
Troy Stevenson
Global Head of Customer Operations at Uber
Hilary Shirazi
Hilary Shirazi
Head of Corp Dev at Notion
Pam Kostka
Pam Kostka
Former CEO, All Raise
Yuxin Zhu
Yuxin Zhu
Co-Founder, Replo

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